Laurence Morassut (b. 1995) is an Australian Photographic and Mixed Media Artist, currently working on the Central Coast, Australia. His work focuses on a variety of different subject matters resulting from various cultural and personal influences. His biggest 'drawback' that inadvertently influenced his work is the inability to correctly identify colours. This has lead to a focus on the nocturnal world and found imagery where the importance of colour can be interpreted and forgotten in search of something else.     

His current practice focuses on found imagery in the form of reclaimed magazines.  These serve as time capsules to a forgotten world of imagery, hidden, beneath the covers. 


2018 BA of Design (Honours) in Photography, University of Technology, Sydney

2017 BA of Design in Photography and Situated Media, University of Technology, Sydney

2014 Diploma of Design, UTS InSearch 


2020  Love, Matilda, Goodspace Gallery, Sydney

2019  Ilford CCP Salon, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne

2018  Honours 2018, curated by Natalya Hughes & Sara Oscar, UTS Gallery, Sydney

2018 Situational Alcoholism, Self Curated, Goodspace 

2017 Come on in, the water's just fine, Curated by UTSPSM, UTS Gallery, Ultimo, Sydney 

2017 Exposure, Curated by Gillean Shaw, The Art House, Wyong, Central Coast

2015 Always Was, Always Will Be, Curated by UTSPSM, Central Park, Sydney


2017 Situational Alcoholism, Published by BOOK MACHINE

2016 Nocturnal View, Self-published

2016 Friuli Sempre, Self-Published

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